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AMP and the Royal Commission – FAQs

AMP has compiled a list of Q&As about the safety of your super fund, insurances and the fall in AMP's share price.


Has my policy or product been affected by the Royal Commission?

The news doesn’t have a direct impact on AMP’s products.
 AMP Insurance is one of Australia’s largest insurers with more than two million customers. It has reinsurance agreements with two of the world’s largest reinsurers.
 Our Bank is a well-capitalised, leading second-tier bank.
 Yes, AMP’s share price has been affected but we are taking action to restore the confidence of customers, investors and the Australian public.


Is my money safe?

Customer funds invested in AMP superannuation and managed investment products are held in trust structures, and strictly regulated, to protect customers’ interests. 


Is my super safe?

Super is strictly regulated to protect customers’ interests. The way super money is held and invested is carefully controlled and there are checks and balances at every stage.

The trustee of the super fund is responsible for operating a super fund and has a legal duty to manage the super fund strictly for the benefit of members (above the interests of AMP shareholders). The trustee must:
  • manage investments properly
  • employ qualified fund managers
  • keep fund assets separate from its own assets
  • manage the super fund for the benefit of members
  • manage any conflicts of interest
  • treat members fairly
  • safeguard members’ interests against fraud and other adverse situations
  • meet certain financial requirements.
The powers of a trustee and the rules the trust operates under are usually set out in a Trust Deed. 

How much AMP stocks is held in AMP Capital's investment funds?

AMP Capital offers a broad range of investment options and some of these investment options have an investment in AMP shares.

AMP Capital investment options have an exposure of less than 2% across all their available investment options. 

Will the investment performance of my portfolio be impacted?

Investment performance is largely driven by the performance of the investments held within your portfolio. AMP’s share price fall would only impact to the extent that you may hold AMP shares within your portfolio.
 AMP super, pension and investment products are invested in a broad range of assets, e.g. property, Australian shares, and international shares. Diversifying across many different investments help mitigate risks to a customer.

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